Cancer Research

Filming a new commercial for a charity that is close to our hearts was a pleasure.

Ignoring a growing lump because you are busy is the message and is something that many people do. Cancer Research Uk wanted to highlight the risks of this in their new TV commercial that showed people ignoring an ever growing lump in the street.

Due to the fast turnaround, limited filming time and a wide variety of shots we needed to this shoot this from many angles using multiple cameras. Being observational in style we chose two Arri Alexa Cameras with long zooms lenses linked via vision link to our purpose built production gallery. We also provided four Canon C300 Cameras paired with Sound Devices PIX240i recorders allowing longer record durations and a better record format than recording in camera.

We positioned the C300 Cameras, unmanned, in positions that were difficult to access by our camera operators so we controlled them via Wifi from our production gallery. Using our Wifi System we can check on the status of each of the cameras as well as all key functions such as focus, white balance, ISO and record.

I know our client is happy, so are we… What do you think?

Watch the commercial here