Undercover covert filming has just got an awful lot better

Undercover covert filming has just got an awful lot better. Prime has just added a number of high quality HD/Widescreen pinhole cameras to their range of HD minicamera solutions. These new cameras are definitely the next generation of undercover filming equipment and have been designed specifically for undercover filming for high end broadcast.   The cameras can be adapted with varrious interchangeable lens covers, helping conceal them  to look like just about any thing from a shirt button to a small screw head. A wide angled 90 degree lens option will give your production the shot it needs even at close range.

This is the world's first digital button camera with high definition video output, boasting over 800 tv lines of resolution giving an ultra sharp image, vivid colours and highly accurate image reproduction. The cameras output at 720p and 25fps and come fitted with a Mini HDMI digital port that connects to a small digital video recorder and a central port for connecting an external microphone.