Fitness First Viral

We used 16 cameras to produce a viral for fitness first; 13 miniature cameras, hidden bag cameras and one Sony PMW-F55 kit. Four of our PTZ cameras were used as the core reaction cameras and to follow Damian Walters around the gym, while we set up four of our (New) Toshiba HD2 Cameras to capture the best angles of the different stunts that Damian did in the gym. We also used one Panasonic and five GoPros to create the CCTV angle shots and two hidden HD bag cameras to move around and pick out individual gym members, while our F55 provided the interviews and establishing shots. With nearly 140,000 views already I hope you also enjoy ‘Damian Walters Brings Freestyle to Life' – Fitness First viral and Behind The scenes with Damian Walter – Fitness First