Prime's New Website

Welcome to our new Prime Television website, we hope you find the new site user friendly and that you can easily find all the information you require. We would really like your feedback on the site and if there are any changes you think would help you navigate the pages or give you more information please contact our web editor Becky Lee at

Prime Television enjoys a long standing relationship with Etype Media, a London based full service Web Agency. Etype have helped Prime realize our vision of a fresh and user friendly online environment befitting all our client’s needs. Please take some time to peruse the new features offers.

We recommend: News Bureau Facilities, our Equipment catalogues (which include camera and audio manuals and brochures), New Media Facilities, our specialty Minicams and Remote Camera Facilities and the Support pages (especially the section on skype to learn more about the instant messaging and live video support we provide). For any query, big or small, we’re here to help so don’t hesitate to get in touch.