Hidden Minicams

Prime Television has been the leading supplier of Hidden Minicams (also called Covert or Spy Cameras) to the UK's broadcast for many years.  We started supplying Hidden Minicams for News and Documentary Programming for broadcast in 1998 and at that time covert camera work was very much on the back of basic CCTV technology.  Now we build cameras for all types of Hidden Camera shows and import our own HD/SDI miniature cameras for all our Hidden Camera builds.  The quality of the pictures from these cameras are now so good that often the network or production company needs to downgrade the picture image to make it look more in keeping with the lower quality images that, until recently, was the expected norm.  As the quality continues to improve, our goal is to make HD Hidden Minicam the expected norm.

We can build miniature cameras in to just about anything but a good example of expertise was demonstrated at a recent Production show, where we installed eight hidden minicams in a Smart car and offering a prize to anyone who could find them. No one ever found all eight !

Prime are also able to deploy small or large rig teams teams to fix miniature cameras work in place correctly, safely and for the best possible result.  We can also train your staff.

If you are a Broadcaster or Independent Production Company, we offer a free Roadshow to come (we come to you) show you our Remote Control minicams and how to get the most out of these cameras (and other Minicams) on your particular budgets.  For more information on our Roadshow and what we offer click here