PTZ and Remote Cameras

Prime Television has been the leading supplier of PTZ cameras (also called Pan & Tilt Cameras and P&T cameras) and remote control cameras to the UK's broadcast industry as well as the medical industries for many years. We started supplying PTZ and Remote Control Minicams for broadcast in 2001 and at that time, high quality Minicameras were extremely rare items. We worked with Bradley Engineering and helped create the excellent HDC100 Cameras and the original L1 MiniHead Camera for our first big hidden PTZ minicam production. Today we still work with Bradley Engineering and use the latest Bradley Remote Mini Cameras, like the (NEW) Camball 3 and the (NEW) Eyeb MiniRemote Camera on high end (HD) remote minicam requirements. We are always looking at new technology and are always updating our miniature remote cameras with the latest product, whatever the brand. Now we supply the very best in robotics to produce shots that were not possible before (without massive budgets), like the Octocopter and other RC Cameras.

Prime has skilled operators, with years of experience with PTZ cameras and RC robotics. We are also able to deploy small or large rig teams to fix miniature cameras in place correctly, safely and for the best possible result.

If you are a Broadcaster or Independent Production Company, we offer a free Roadshow to show you our Remote Control minicams and how to get the most out of these cameras (and other Minicams) on your particular budgets. For more information on our Roadshow and what we offer click here