A production can only be as good as the people that work on it; and we all know that all the creative and technical knowledge in the world will not mean a thing if the personalities do not click.

At Prime we work hard to select the most suitable crew in the UK or abroad for your productions, we want your shoot to run smoothly; which is why, with new clients, we insist on going through CV’s in detail with production managers, directors and producers before shooting starts. Most of our freelance crews have been working for us for over five years, some since we started in business over twenty years ago.  They are all highly technically skilled of course, but we also select them for their friendly and easy-going approach, essential qualities for a successful production.

Our experience shows that even the best cameramen can have troubles on some shoots and are much better in the comfort zones they know. This is why we think it is important to select the right crew for the shoot or production to give our clients the best opportunity to get the best result and production experience, every time.

Prime’s special projects division are able to deploy large teams to work on complicated TV shows where we combine the use of minicams, robotic heads, PSC shooting, Jimmy Jibs and Polecams.

Our crews are creative, experienced and friendly with excellent broadcast credits; see for yourselves…