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Prime Television’s Minicam Roadshow

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Prime Television has been using, building and operating all sorts of Minicameras and mini-remote cameras for over 15 years. We have been asked to supply equipment and minicam expertise on a wide variety of productions. From hidden minicams and secret filming for news & documentaries (Panorama, Dispatches etc) to specialist filming on major Dramas (Emmerdale/ITV, Hunted/BBC1) to complete minicam rigs on productions like Derren Brown’s Armageddon/Channel 4 and Ape Man/National Geographic.


Our latest production, a 6 x 1hour Channel 5/Optomen Factual Entertainment series called ‘Store Detectives’ required a selection of rigged Minicameras along with a vast array of minicams built into different hides, including numerous bag cameras, a hat camera, a couple of jacket cameras, a glasses camera, an umbrella camera, a wheelchair camera (with 2 minicams) and a pram camera (with 2 minicams).

CameraOur experience on these productions and for many other programmes over the years, is that general naïveté exists in many areas of minicams when it comes to television production. Many are not informed on the advancements that have been made, what can be achieved with the latest technology or where things can go wrong. Now with greater minicam quality, Dramas and high end productions can achieve broadcast HD content using a variety of minicams.

We have found that production companies and production staff seem to have a good knowledge of main camera units but much less on what to use, or how to use any minicam element. We would like to change that. To help inform directors, producers and production managers of the specifications, quality and flexibility of the different minicams that are available, Prime Television is launching a Minicam Roadshow.

The Prime Television Minicam Roadshow will answer all your questions and yes, we can even come to you! We will tailor the Open Day to your requirements and fit in within your time constraints. We suggest you allocate 2-3 hours and we would like to cover these main points of interest;

  • What minicam is best for your production – Quality and Budget
  • Hidden Cameras - Minicam hides and builds
  • Car Rigs (and multi-camera car rigs) – Pitfalls, rigging, lighting, what can go wrong (we’ve been there) and legal issues
  • Remote Control Minicameras – What is available, quality, size and ease of use
  • Minicam Rigging – Cars, Houses, Business Properties, Hidden Cameras and Time