About Prime TV

Prime Television is one of Europe's leading broadcast facilities providers, with a long list of credits in all aspects of entertainment and new media.

Founded in 1990, Prime Television started as an equipment service provider for the News networks around the world. The company enjoyed huge success supplying the latest cameras from (at that time) Ikegami and Sony. As the company crew the reputation for quality equipment spread and Prime Television expanded in to documentary production as well as magazine and entertainment shows.

In 2001 a large US production company came to us to facilitate a revolutionary new TV series called ‘Scariest places on Earth’. The brief was to rig an old (supposedly haunted) castle in Scotland with over 20 miniature cameras and miniature remote camera heads and to integrate this seamlessly with the broadcast camera rigs also supplied and operated by Prime. This successful endeavour into high end miniature camera applications for TV led to numerous other Minicam TV projects like; BBC Horizon, CCTV, Saturday Night Take Away, My New Best Friend, The Sack Race, Celebrity Stitch Up, Driving Academy, Stitch Up, Stake Out …. and many, many more.

Prime now leads the way in all types of miniature camera production, from high end drama productions to tiny miniature hidden or body worn cameras.

But we have not lost track of our roots, while specialist miniature cameras are a major part of our business we still supply the very latest highest quality cameras for all aspects of HD production. Our services are provided every day on entertainment and reality shows, documentaries, dramas, commercials as well as news, sports and current affairs.

Our long history as a camera and crew hire company means we don’t only house a wide selection cameras and camcorders with the widest selection of Minicams and Remote Cameras for hire in the UK but we also supply some of the most respected in house and freelance crews as part of our services. Our minicams and robotic cameras are very often used in conjunction with our regular broadcast cameras, camcorders, jimmy jibs, polecams, steadicams and dollies. Prime’s experience and expertise is frequently called upon to consult on large scale or specialist projects.

A full range of broadcast formats, maintenance and technical support are the backbone of a successful video facilities business. Our technical support department is manned 7 days a week with genuine 24-hour, 365 days a year back-up; so on the rare occasions there is a problem we will fix it or replace it - wherever you are in the world.

However straightforward or complex the production or event, whatever the facility or production requirement, Prime is committed to supplying 24/7 technical support, production consultation, equipment and crew hire for any scale of production.