GoPro Fusion

Covert 360 degree filming? Not such a crazy idea.

We have found the Go Pro Fusion to be an amazing 360 camera. The Fusion captures 5.2K video, up to 30fps and in overcapture mode allows to track a conventional HD image from the full 360 degree image. The 360 degree footage can be reviewed in the go pro app and also be edited using dedicated plug-ins for Adobe premier and after effects. Imagine you have a covert shoot where you do not have the time to install a full PTZ camera rig as normal this solution will allow the editor to track people anywhere within its full 360 degree image.

We do not see this as a replacement to the conventional rig but as a supplement and a possible solution where a quick hit is required - Prime’s in house engineering team have created extended battery life and are working on different camera hides.

Please drop us a line if you have a requirement where a bespoke solution is required.

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