Suzuki Saturdays Intelligent Ignis

We filmed a number of great commercials last year but the new Suzuki adverts with Ant & Dec are always a pleasure to work on. We are already regular providers of minicam technology and camera hides for Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and had filmed the previous commercials for Suzuki, so it was an easy fit to provide the services for this new batch of Suzuki commercials. To get the best quality available we used our Sony a7sii and Toshiba HD5 cameras to capture the majority of the in-car footage but as much of the filming was with unsuspecting punters these cameras had to be hidden. We spent two days at Suzuki hiding ten cameras in two cars, with a Sony a7sii and two Toshiba HD5's hidden in each of the cars SatNav consoles. Here is one of the new adverts, yet to be released on TV.