Panasonic AG-HMR10 Minicam

Prime is continuing to expand its high end HD minicam facilities by adding another four Panasonic AG-HMR10 camera/recorders.  The Panasonic is the world's first compact portable AVCHD recorder with HD-SDI input and output and is the perfect camera for vehicle mounting in-car because of its excellent resistance to vibration, impact, dust and temperature fluctuations.  This versatile minicamera/recorder offers superb image quality and produces outstanding images with a maximum bit rate of 24 Mbps with 180 minutes of record time in the highest quality PH mode.  The size and versatility of this camera makes it ideally suited to many specialist minicam applications which is why it is now one of our more popular mini-cameras – and why we need so many of them.  Give us a call for your next minicam production or call Chris to talk about any special project you may have.